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WELCOME:   Lucy Sewill is best known for her one-on-one portraits of some of our most well known faces.


Lucy began her career in the pit at music festivals and at one time was invited to shoot an unknown Ed Sheeran at a private gig in a tent in wood beyond the main stage at Bestival and to take production shots for Terry Gilliam’s groundbreaking production of Faust at the English Nation Opera.  All of this has helped Lucy develop her close up and personal style, working frequently with performers while always looking to find the personality behind the performance while working close up onstage and behind the scenes.  Soon Lucy’s work was exhibited at Glastonbury and she was exclusively commissioned by the PRS for ‘100 Years of British Music’ with a brief to capture a century of musical creativity.  The project culminated in a lavish coffee table book forwarded by HRH Prince Charles and launched at Clarence House.


The first gallery to acquire and hang her work was the National Portrait Gallery and her work has gone on to hang on many prestigious walls since.


Lucy’s work is inspired by her desire to find connection and understanding in her own life as she has navigated a series of complex and life threatening health challenges.  Lucy kept horses in childhood, into adulthood and they are part of her family today.  There are other animals too. She has described them as pivotal in her own life and sees the connection in the lives of others and so led her to create her project ‘Horses & Humans’ and her commission from Peridot Press to create the later ‘Dogs and their Humans”

She has been published worldwide in the newspapers, Sunday supplements and numerous magazines.


Lucy has been interviewed about her work (and spoken about her health) on a number of occasions and featured on The World At One on BBC Radio 4, The Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2, BBC Television News and Radio Scotland. She has also undertaken numerous speaking engagements about her work.


Lucy has published two commercially successful books ‘Horses & Humans’ and ‘Dogs and Their Humans’.  Commissioned by Peridot Press both explore the benefits of animal/human connections featuring a number of well known celebrities.  

Much of Lucy’s work has been within the British Music Industry. In   2012 she was commissioned by the PRS to be the Solo photographer for their project ‘100 Years Of British Music’ culminating in an exhibition and book of the same name.  This came at the exact same time she was diagnosed with Cushings disease after a lifetime of health challenges. She went on to completed the project and she captured the most significant faces in the industry before undergoing successive surgeries. 


Lucy had her adrenal glands removed in 2013 in a successful   attempt to resolve her lengthy battle with Cushings Disease.  As a consequence she now has Addisons. Lucy lives a full and active life.  


Assignments take Lucy across the UK.  There have been recent trips to North Africa, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and the housing estates of Dublin.


Lucy is currently working on a new major music project, a new book contract and a commercial project with a UK animal charity.


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