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WELCOME:   Lucy Sewill is best known for her one-on-one portraits of some of our most well known faces.



"Lucy is not simply a photographer. She is a student of horses and the equine thought processes that create personalities within the behavioural patterns of Equus, the flight animal." Monty Roberts

And of Horses & Humans, the book... 

"Crisp, clear and inspirational" Jeremy Vine. 

This is Lucy Sewill at her best, combining sharp composition with appealing characters. She really is the horse whisperer and the humans were lucky to get in on the act." John Sergeant 


"A truly delicious book" Martin Clunes 

"It is rare to find a photographer who captures their essence quite so successfully as Lucy Sewill"

Richard Waygood MBE ,Trainer and former Riding Master, Household Cavalry. 

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